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Rogier Stoop, President Mach3000 Alliance

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LGT Logistics A/S, Orionvej 18,
8700 Horsens Denmark
Poul Erik Dahl, Int. Business Developer

Telephone: +45 (0)4062 4450
Mail to: poul.erik.dahl@lgtlogistics.dk

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European House of Beds Denmark


European House of Beds Denmark

European House of Beds is a fast-growing Danish company specialized in designing and manufacturing beds. Founded 2008 with the clear aim to be a better alternative to the established manufacturers with innovative design and top-notch service.

As European House of Beds in 2013 was facing a strong increase in growth and several new markets, they decided to initiate an internal freight project to ensure that their logistics solutions were optimized. In co-operation with a logistics consultant they reviewed and analyzed factors like transport needs, packaging and loading methods.

An important step forward

When the analysis was completed, European House of Beds had a clear picture of their requirements and based on that sent out a tender to a number of logistics companies. After an extensive evaluation, LGT Logistics proved to be the best.

“The shift to LGT Logistics has been one of the most important steps forward in terms of being able to implement our plans and – not least – to service our customers at the level required by a good bed supplier” says Kim Rasmussen, CEO and founder of European House of Beds.

Focus on customer service

Today we manage transport and distribution of beds and mattresses to all European House of Beds customers in Scandinavia but also the rest of Europe. It’s everything from delivering to central hubs or customer stores to home delivery to customers that buys online.

“We have a great focus on today’s consumers and the service required. Here the co-operation with LGT Logistics plays an important role as the willingness to invest in solutions, IT and personnel is essential for our common business platform” says Kim Rasmussen.

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