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Rogier Stoop, President Mach3000 Alliance

Telephone: +31 (0)6 2933 9127
Mail to: rogier.stoop@jankrediet.nl

LGT Logistics A/S, Orionvej 18,
8700 Horsens Denmark
Poul Erik Dahl, Int. Business Developer

Telephone: +45 (0)4062 4450
Mail to: poul.erik.dahl@lgtlogistics.dk

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Installation of workplaces


Installation of workplaces

For a large developer of coworking buildings, we carry out the complete installation of furniture, wall decoration, plants and related goods on location. From workplaces to barista bars and yoga studios, because coworking is not only a style of working but also a style of life. The result? An interior that is perfectly in order when our project team has left the location. In Moscow, Cape Town and Paris, all over the world, Jan Krediet’s team provides the right project logistics solution. The counter is now at more than 150 locations worldwide.

Always a first-class project logistics solution

Delivering a coworking building within ten days requires careful logistical planning. Furniture and accessories are supplied by various sup- pliers worldwide. For each flow of goods, the project managers at Jan Krediet determine the best logistics route in advance: storage in our warehouses in the Netherlands or in local warehouses worldwide.

Our project managers always travel to the project location

In addition to distribution, the furnishing of the project location is also a challenge. Our project managers therefore always travel to view the location on site and discuss the planning and project details with the local installation partners. They check whether all permits are in order and what is needed for an efficient installation. Thanks to our personal contacts worldwide, we can solve any obstacles in our path easily and quickly with the local partners. They know the customs and regulations in the country.

Professional assembly and installation

As soon as all goods are at their destination, the furniture is placed on the right floor in the right place, under the guidance of Jan Krediet’s project managers. If furniture still needs to be assembled, our assembly team is ready. In addition to expertise, flexibility is also our strength in these projects. As a result, we can deal well and respond to unexpected surprises. For example, it may happen that an already installed workplace has to be temporarily moved because the electricity was not completed in time. No problem for our team, they adapt immediately and quickly arrive at a workable solution.

Collaboration with local renowed partners

For every coworking building we furnish, our project managers work together with local partners from the carefully built Jan Krediet installa- tion network. Partners, each with their own specialism. Not only in terms of assembly and installation, but also when it comes to the correct disposal of waste flows. Our certified partners ensure the responsible disposal of cardboard, pallets and other packaging material on site. It goes without saying that our team delivers the location completely clean and tidy after installation, so that it is immediately ready for use.

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