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Rogier Stoop, President Mach3000 Alliance

Telephone: +31 (0)6 2933 9127
Mail to: rogier.stoop@jankrediet.nl

LGT Logistics A/S, Orionvej 18,
8700 Horsens Denmark
Poul Erik Dahl, Int. Business Developer

Telephone: +45 (0)4062 4450
Mail to: poul.erik.dahl@lgtlogistics.dk

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Assembly of server cabinets


Assembly of server cabinets

We assemble server cabinets in a dust-free clean room in our warehouse for a major player in business IT solutions. Our services do not end here, because this client also relies on Jan Krediet’s team for warehousing, refurbishing server units and worldwide distribution.

Fast gear shifting is crucial in technology

In the technology sector, short product cycles are the rule rather than the exception and fast switching is crucial. Under high time pressure, we pull out all the stops to optimally serve our customer.

Assembly and refurbishment of high-tech equipment

For this client we take care of the assembly of server cabinets. A question that was unexpectedly put to us by our client at the time and had to be realized at very short notice. By doing all we can, we trained our team for this specialized service within one month. In addition, we have created a dust-free clean room in our warehouse, specially equipped for high-tech logistics. The assembly of server cabinets has now been fully included in our work routine. Our client also calls on our team for the refurbishing of smaller server units. Our drivers collect the server units from retailers and deliver a new server to them. We clean the old unit and breathe new life into it by installing up-to-date soft- ware.

Controlled stock and optimal flow of goods

The client also relies on us for worldwide warehousing. We keep control over the stock and optimize the flow of goods. Once assembled, the server cabinets leave for their final destination through our global distribution network. Carefully packaged in biobased materials on shock-absorbing pallets that we have specially designed for these high-tech goods.

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