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Rogier Stoop, President Mach3000 Alliance

Telephone: +31 (0)6 2933 9127
Mail to: rogier.stoop@jankrediet.nl

LGT Logistics A/S, Orionvej 18,
8700 Horsens Denmark
Poul Erik Dahl, Int. Business Developer

Telephone: +45 (0)4062 4450
Mail to: poul.erik.dahl@lgtlogistics.dk

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Girard Agediss, founded in 1961, originally focused on transport only, has grown to be part of the total supply chain between manufacturer or supplier and business or private delivery address. This means they provide complete logistics solutions (also transport from overseas) including distribution to the end user including (according to wish) assembly.

In figures:

35 agencies including one in Belgium, organised around a 36,000 m2 logistics HUB in MER (41). 300 vehicules specifically equipped to transport furniture and larges items ; 4 logistics sites in Villabé (91), Les essarts (85), Leyment (01) and Mer (41), with a total surface area of over 76,000 m2.

Agediss Pro: A complete range of services for businesses

• Inventory management and order processing by our logistics experts (sorting by end recipient, recreation of orders, etc.);
• Transport of furniture to points of sale, local authorities, businesses, and delivery to shops not accessible by HGVs via our Agediss agencies;
• Organisation of dedicated routes without docking, pick-up, cross-docking;
• Organisation of complex installations and assembly for businesses or local authorities;
• Managing returns

Agediss Log: Logistics and storage solutions

• 76,000 m2 of storage space at our HUB in MER (41), Villabé (91, Les Essarts (85) and Leyment (01)
• Bulk storage for sofas ans large household appliances
• The right equipment like manuracks, clamps truck or standard rack

Agediss Particulier: Shipping items to individuals

• A specific appointment time, as soon as the order is placed
• Short, tightly controlled delivery times thanks to a network of 35 agencies
• Reali-time shipment tracking
• Recycling of waste electronic equipment and furniture
• Measured customer satisfaction with a satisfaction survey

Agediss Install: shipping and installing

• A project coordinator
• A real expertise by teams who are regularly trained in installations techniques
• A quality guarantee after-sales service