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Rogier Stoop, President Mach3000 Alliance

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LGT Logistics A/S, Orionvej 18,
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Poul Erik Dahl, Int. Business Developer

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The new work is hybrid

Hybrid work is the future. The combination of working from home, in the office and elsewhere increases productivity and happiness at work. The past year has shown that online working, the basis for hybrid work, is going much better than expected.

‘Corona has accelerated working from home, but the change to a more hybrid work environment has been going on for twenty years. To con- tinue to meet the wishes of employees, and to continue to use the benefits of remote working, a new balance is needed. Which way of wor- king is suitable for both the employees and the organization? That is an individual matter that depends on future needs and aspirations. Not only housing but also, for example, the layout of the building plays a role in this.’

‘Most employees prefer to work from home a few days a week and mainly go to the office to meet colleagues and business relations, to ex- change knowledge and ideas and to experience the ‘club feeling and team spirit’. Many organizations are now wondering whether their hou- sing and office furnishing is still in line with this. Do the employees like to come to the office? Are there sufficient facilities and workplaces for video calling, concentrated work, spontaneous meetings, and inspiring meetings? For many companies, this is still a challenge that will have to be solved in the near future.