Promising outcomes MACH-3000 Alliance Annual Meeting 2019

Welcome new MACH-3000 Alliance member, expansion of work area and much more

The Annual Meeting of the MACH-3000 Alliance was held in Porto, Portugal from 11 to 13 June 2019. In addition to the regular subjects, many new aspects have been discussed and important decisions have been taken.

The most important decision is that we have officially welcomed Logistics Plus as a member. An impressive presentation on their part once again underlined the possibilities that we as a group now have and that from now on we can count not only Europe but also the USA, Canada and Mexico as part of our working area. Logistics Plus is the partner with the options that we as a group have been looking forward to. It is a huge step with unprecedented possibilities.

The information we have received about the developments in France offers enormous confidence in the further expansion of all possibilities in this important European country. The management of Girard Agediss France gives us every confidence in the future.

In addition, important steps have been taken and agreements have been made for the development of the marketing of the MACH-3000 Alliance and the use of social media. This will become clear in the coming year.

Jan de Greef, John Riis and Rogier Stoop are also responsible for the management of the MACH-3000 Alliance this year.

Naturally, developments during the year will be informed. Stay tuned!


Promising outcomes MACH-3000 Alliance Annual Meeting 2019


Jan Krediet Solutions expands offices and warehouses in VENLO


• Next week: MACH-3000 Alliance Annual Meeting in Porto


LGT increases terminal and transport capacity for furniture from the Baltics


Outcome Annual Meeting 2018 Valencia


LGTs new 10.000 sqm furniture warehouse


Furniture transport all over in Europe and USA, Canada and Mexico Fröde möbelspedition in Germany and Switzerland DB Schenker in Italy LGT Logistics in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Baltics and Finland Jan Krediet in Netherland/Belgium,Luxemburg, UK and Ireland Girard Agediss in France KLOG Transport & Solutions in Portugal Mediterráneo in Spain Logistics Plus in USA, Canada and Mexico
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