MACH-3000 Partner Fröde Möbelspedition extend B2B & B2C networks

Always looking to improve service and extend possibilities, German MACH-3000 Partner Fröde Möbelspedition have extended both their B2C and their B2C networks.

Fröde exteded their 2-man B2C network to 25 depots (including their Weil am Rhein based Headquarters Fröde GmbH) and their 1-man B2B network to 26 depots (also including Fröde GmbH).


Promising outcomes MACH-3000 Alliance Annual Meeting 2019


Jan Krediet Solutions expands offices and warehouses in VENLO


• Next week: MACH-3000 Alliance Annual Meeting in Porto


LGT increases terminal and transport capacity for furniture from the Baltics


Outcome Annual Meeting 2018 Valencia


LGTs new 10.000 sqm furniture warehouse


Furniture transport all over in Europe and USA, Canada and Mexico Fröde möbelspedition in Germany and Switzerland DB Schenker in Italy LGT Logistics in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Baltics and Finland Jan Krediet in Netherland/Belgium,Luxemburg, UK and Ireland Girard Agediss in France KLOG Transport & Solutions in Portugal Mediterráneo in Spain Logistics Plus in USA, Canada and Mexico
Finland-Sweden-Norway-United Kingdom-Ireland-Germany-Netherlands-Belgium-France-Luxemburg-Spain-Italy-Portugal-Switzerland-Baltics-Denmark-USA-Canada-Mexico MACH-3000 mark 2011